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The FACTS (Finance And Career Talks) Financial Literacy program brought to you by Uplifting You Inc., provides a forum for High School upperclassmen to have educational Financial and Business conversations.

The Goal is to increase diverse participation in the financial services industry, not only as consumers, but to create excitement around career pathways in Financial Services.


Students will learn about investment solutions, the various asset classes, the associated risks and the process of selecting the appropriate asset allocation, while being tax-efficient.

Banking and Lending:

Students will learn about different banking solutions, account types, and lending options, and how credit decisions are made. We will also incorporate risk management themes throughout the different sections.


Course Structure

Led by credentialed financial professionals, the FACTs course will span 4 one-hour (give or take ie 1:10 or 1:15 depending on class block times) class sessions, culminating in a finale where students will create a financial portfolio of solutions for a family, given a specified profile.


Contact: David Carlor - 774.272.0893

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